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About Dr James, the Kid's sleep specialist

When it comes to your child's healthcare, experience matters. Dr James Di Pasquale has decades of specialised clinical and research experience in Australia and in the UK.


Dr James Di Pasquale is an internationally recognised Paediatric Sleep Expert

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Dr James P. Di Pasquale


Honorary Consultant, Paediatrics, St Mary’s NHS Hospital, London (since 2008)
Academic Course Lead (paediatric sleep medicine), Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London, UK (since 2011)
Consultant Sleep Doctor & Counsellor, Centre for Neurology, Sleep, & Dental Health
Consultant Sleep Doctor at The Banyans Health Residence
Plant Medicine Facilitator at Soltara (Peru) & Reunion (Costa Rica)

+ Extensive clinical and research expertise in both paediatric & adult sleep medicine, which is unique in Australia
+ PhD in clinical Sleep Medicine from Imperial College London under distinguished Professor Colin Sullivan, inventor of CPAP therapy 

+ Conducted over 20,000 paediatric & adult sleep studies, more than any other sleep specialist in Australia
+ Chief Sleep Scientist for Australia's largest group of private sleep laboratories (2001-2007)
+ Dedicated to innovating service delivery to improve kid's access to vital sleep diagnostic services
+ Targeting the underlying causes of sleep problems, rather than symptoms alone
+ Emphasis on holistic and integrated wellness
+ Queensland Blue Card holder

Dr James Di Pasquale is a dual-qualified Sleep Doctor and Counsellor, with extensive experience in sleep medicine and psychotherapy.

With an international career spanning over two decades, he has made significant contributions to the field of sleep medicine.

Notably, he co-founded the Imperial College Centre for Sleep Science and Medicine and has served as an NHS Consultant at St Mary's Hospital London since 2008. In his pursuit of improving sleep health for all, Dr Di Pasquale established the UK's first independent paediatric sleep laboratory in 2017, aiming to improve access to sleep services for all children.

Throughout his career, he has conducted and reported on an extraordinary number of adult and paediatric sleep studies, surpassing 20,000 in total. Dr Di Pasquale is associated with several leading institutions, including The Banyans Health Residence and the Centre for Neurology, Sleep, and Dental Health, where he serves as a Consultant Sleep Doctor.

He is an honorary lecturer and course module lead in the Faculty of Medicine at Imperial College London and an honorary consultant in the Department of Paediatrics at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. Dr Di Pasquale's academic journey began with undergraduate studies at the University of Queensland and the National University of Singapore, earning him first-class honours.

He was awarded a full academic scholarship at UQ for postgraduate studies in adult insomnia. This work eventually led him to accept an academic appointment in the UK at Imperial College London, where he completed a clinical research doctorate in sleep medicine under the guidance of the distinguished Professor Colin Sullivan, the inventor of CPAP therapy. 

Throughout his academic career, Dr Di Pasquale has focused on helping adults and children with insomnia and sleep-related breathing disorders. Much of his clinical work addresses the psychological and emotional root causes of chronic insomnia.

Additionally, he has conducted ground-breaking research on the intricate connections between sleep-disordered breathing, allergic diseases, and asthma in children, using innovative non-invasive techniques to measure disease progression within the home environment. 

Dr Di Pasquale takes a comprehensive approach to sleep-related issues, striving to identify and address their underlying factors rather than solely focusing on symptom alleviation. His intention is to promote sustainable, long-term improvements in sleep health for his patients. 

Beyond his expertise in sleep medicine, Dr Di Pasquale wholeheartedly embraces the principles of integrated wellness to facilitate transformational healing and personal growth. With extensive experience working with individuals from diverse backgrounds, he offers confidential counselling, utilising a trauma-informed approach. He compassionately supports individuals dealing with various challenges, including depression, anxiety, sexual abuse, sexual identity, eating disorders, self-harming behaviours, suicidal ideation, and PTSD, including combat war veterans. He has extensive experience directly supporting suicidal people as a Listening Volunteer at The Listening Place, London.

Dr Di Pasquale creates a completely accepting environment, allowing patients to explore their authentic selves safely. His approach is influenced by the works of world-renowned experts such as Dr Gabor Mate, Dr Richard Schwartz, Dr Harville Hendrix, Dr Bessel van der Kolk, and Dr Charles Bentley, among others. 

Dr Di Pasquale's active involvement with international Centres of Excellence in plant medicine, including Soltara Healing Centre in Peru and Reunion in Costa Rica, highlights his dedication to supporting individuals through transformative experiences of self-reflection, healing, and personal growth. He ensures a safe and nurturing environment for these journeys and offers highly specialised integration support to sustain the long-term benefits of plant medicine work. 

With his diverse professional experience and commitment to ongoing education and training, Dr Di Pasquale is at the forefront of promoting transformative healing experiences for his patients in Australia and beyond.

His dedication to combining evidence-based sleep medicine practices with deep personal integration work enables him to provide impactful care to people seeking improved sleep, relief from suffering, personal growth, and overall wellness. 

Dr Di Pasquale holds long standing memberships in professional organisations, including the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the British Sleep Society, the European Sleep Research Society, the International Paediatric Sleep Association, and the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists.

He actively engages in international conferences, has given keynote speeches, and advised large private and public organisations on topics related to good sleep health. 

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What is a kid's Sleep Study?

We collect important signals from the body to check if your child's sleep is healthy. We carefully measure both quality & quantity of sleep. 

It involves attaching small sensors, mainly over the pyjamas, to record sleep and breathing patterns comfortably. Your child can sleep in any position and use the toilet overnight if needed.

It does not hurt. We use the most advanced paediatric diagnostic equipment from NOX Medical to maximise comfort and minimise disturbance to your child’s natural sleep. 

Not all sleep studies are the same – speak with Dr James to learn more.


Discover how I can help

Free phone consultation

No GP referral necessary
Directly access Dr James today
No other provider in Australia offers this level of personalised service

Get in touch for a free initial consultation to discuss whether a home sleep study is suitable for your child.

Value $250. No obligation. This is a limited offer.


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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Can Dr James personally come to our home in the evening to set-up our child?

Yes, Dr James has decades of experience working with children of all ages, from babies to teens, including kids with special needs. This ensures that every child individually receives an exceptional level of gentle care and expert attention. No other provider in Australia offers this service.

+ Is there a long wait time for my child to get a Sleep Study with Dr James?

No, he usually can provide a sleep study within 2 weeks.

+ How long does it take to get the results?

A comprehensive Sleep Study Report will be available 2 days after your child’s sleep study. Dr James can also send the results directly to your GP or paediatrician if you like. Much faster than any other provider in Australia.

+ Afterwards can I discuss the Results and Recommendations with Dr James?

Yes, you can have a follow-up consultation immediately. Alternatively, you can discuss the results directly with your GP or paediatrician.

+ Should my child have a Sleep Study at home or in a hospital?

In most cases, a high-quality home sleep study is much more comfortable for children and captures a more representative sleep sample. You can discuss any specific questions with Dr James beforehand to check if a home sleep study is best for your child.

+ What if my child doesn’t sleep on the night of their Sleep Study?

If this happens, we will happily repeat the sleep study at no additional cost to you.

Rest. Easy.

Everything good begins with healthy rest.

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