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Brisbane Kids Sleep StudiesAges 3-18

Is your child having trouble with sleep?

With over 20,000 Sleep Studies completed, Dr James Di Pasquale could help transform your child's sleep. Book a free, no-obligation consultation with him today.

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Dr James Di Pasquale is an internationally recognised Paediatric Sleep Expert

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I'm here to help

Does your child...

... have behavioural difficulties?

If your child is a ‘poor sleeper’ with behavioural, mood, or academic problems, then a sleep study could help.

... snore or mouth breathe?

These symptoms are never normal and may be a sign of a serious breathing problem called Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA).

... wake up tired?

Finding it hard to get out of bed is not normal. Even sleeping in on weekends could mean your child has a sleep problem.

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you should speak with a children's sleep expert. Your child may be suffering from poor quality sleep, which now can be investigated at home.

"It's so comforting to know that my husband and I were doing the right thing investigating further despite the pushback we were getting from our GP and ENT surgeon. Especially since you explained how disturbed sleep in kids can impact their mood and development.
Thank you for being incredibly approachable and making our daughter feel so comfortable. She thoroughly enjoyed the experience and felt very special. Thank you so much, James!"
RachelMum of a 4-year-old girl from Redland Bay

What is a kid's Sleep Study?

We collect important signals from the body to check if your child's sleep is healthy. We carefully measure both quality & quantity of sleep. 

It involves attaching small sensors, mainly over the pyjamas, to record sleep and breathing patterns comfortably. Your child can sleep in any position and use the toilet overnight if needed.

It does not hurt. We use the most advanced paediatric diagnostic equipment from NOX Medical to maximise comfort and minimise disturbance to your child’s natural sleep. 

Not all sleep studies are the same – speak with Dr James to learn more.


Meet the Sleep Expert

Dr James Di Pasquale


I'm a clinical Sleep Doctor with unmatched expertise in paediatric and adult sleep medicine in Australia and the UK.

“I specialise in offering Brisbane families state-of-the-art paediatric sleep studies at home, with short waiting times. I personally visit your home to setup your child for their sleep study. No other provider in Australia offers this service.”

Co-founder of the Imperial College Centre for Sleep Science and Medicine, I've conducted more sleep studies than any other specialist in the country.

I offer accessible sleep studies for kids, helping target the underlying causes of their daytime and night-time symptoms. Early diagnosis enhances the long-term potential of children, dramatically benefiting their mental and physical wellbeing.

My clinical research focuses on snoring, allergic diseases and asthma in children, using innovative methods to measure disease progression at home.

"Having my son's sleep study done so quickly at home was extremely reassuring. Dr James's impressive expertise and compassionate approach have transformed my child's sleep and well-being. I highly recommend this exceptional local service."
GenevieveMum of a 12-year-old boy from Ascot

Our Purpose

Detecting root causes, not just treating symptoms

Undiagnosed sleep disorders are a major cause of poor behaviour, mood, and learning problems in children. They also contribute to poor physical health.

Support your kid's sleep health for their complete wellbeing

Do you really know what’s happening when your child is asleep? How would you know if their sleep quality is poor (due to snoring, restlessness, or other reasons)?

Sleep diagnostics for kids are costly and often delayed

Waiting for a public hospital sleep study can take years, and private hospital studies are very expensive with big out-of-pocket expenses, even for insured families.

Discover how I can help

Free phone consultation

No GP referral necessary
Directly access Dr James today
No other provider in Australia offers this level of personalised service

Get in touch for a free initial consultation to discuss whether a home sleep study is suitable for your child.

Value $250. No obligation. This is a limited offer.


This is a limited time offer

Book a free consultation with Dr James

Alternatively, call 0493 751 843 or email



Frequently Asked Questions

+ Can Dr James personally come to our home in the evening to set-up our child?

Yes, Dr James has decades of experience working with children of all ages, from babies to teens, including kids with special needs. This ensures that every child individually receives an exceptional level of gentle care and expert attention. No other provider in Australia offers this service.

+ Is there a long wait time for my child to get a Sleep Study with Dr James?

No, he usually can provide a sleep study within 2 weeks.

+ How long does it take to get the results?

A comprehensive Sleep Study Report will be available 2 days after your child’s sleep study. Dr James can also send the results directly to your GP or paediatrician if you like. Much faster than any other provider in Australia.

+ Afterwards can I discuss the Results and Recommendations with Dr James?

Yes, you can have a follow-up consultation immediately. Alternatively, you can discuss the results directly with your GP or paediatrician.

+ Should my child have a Sleep Study at home or in a hospital?

In most cases, a high-quality home sleep study is much more comfortable for children and captures a more representative sleep sample. You can discuss any specific questions with Dr James beforehand to check if a home sleep study is best for your child.

+ What if my child doesn’t sleep on the night of their Sleep Study?

If this happens, we will happily repeat the sleep study at no additional cost to you.

Rest. Easy.

Everything good begins with healthy rest.

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